Ronan is man on a mission

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IT’S hard to believe that Ronan Keating is just 35.

But that’s because – for a man born only in 1977 – he’s done so much.

He’s fronted a 27-million record-selling boy band, he’s been an X Factor judge, he’s been married, has three children, he’s founded a breast cancer charity and has a 12-year solo career that kick-started with an album that went four times platinum.

And if that weren’t enough, he’s also in a film, Goodness, which will be launched at the end of March.

But for now, Ronan Keating is busy preparing for his UK tour of Fires, his latest album. And his enthusiasm is fuelling his energy.

“I am excited,” he says. “There are so many uptempo songs that lend themselves to live performance. It is the most excited I have been about a live tour ever.”

The set list will fuse some of Keating’s multi-million-selling hits such as When You Say Nothing At All, Life Is a Rollercoaster and Lovin’ Each Day alongside songs from Fires – including the album’s title track.

“I’m actually really excited about Fires itself,” says Keating, “It is definitely the best live track on the album and this is the song that I am thinking about opening the show with.

“I am actually going to both open and close the show with a new song.”

But getting into the performance zone isn’t easy for Keating: “I spend about an hour by myself in the dressing room before I go on, warming up, listening to music, singing and just getting myself in a place where I am mentally ready for the performance.”

Many musicians report being fed up with touring after a few dates, but Keating’s looking forward to life on the road again.

“You get into a routine when you are on the road, which is great. My lifestyle working in the music industry means there isn’t a lot of routine and there is a different schedule each day. But the tour is routine and I find that great to have in my life – knowing where you’re going to be every morning and every night and you’ve got the same people around you. I find that a great comfort blanket and it is a great environment to be in.”

The album also follows a tumultuous period in Keating’s life. In 2009 his close friend and band mate Stephen Gately died suddenly from fluid on the lungs and last April Keating split up from his wife of 14 years.

But this year’s about his new album and film. “I am touring up until the middle of March,” says Keating. “I’m in the UK, then Europe, Australia and New Zealand, then working on 20 years of Boyzone, which we are just in talks about, Australian X Factor auditions and then heading there again for the live shows at the end of the year. And I have the launch of my film Goddess in Australia at the end of March.”

For now, however, Keating’s preparing for a special date at the City Hall on Tuesday.