River skating towards success

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Dry the River’s second album has taken them to Connecticut, Iceland and London.

If there was ever a ‘difficult second album’, this was it.

But only because the London-based band are super self-critical perfectionists.

Consequently, the album, Alarms in the Heart, is something they are – at last – happy with.

It has been a long time coming, but has been worth it – the album is a collection of alt-indie folk, with haunting vocals and lush instrumentals.

Guitarist Matt Taylor says: “We wrote a list of a list of our favourite producers and we are huge fans of The National and Interpol so Peter Katis was an ideal choice.”

To work with him, the band flew to Connecticut.

Matt says: “It was really cool, we were based there for about six weeks. Peter’s studio is in his house, so we’d work there during the day and spend the weekends in New York, while Peter spent time with his family. That was an awesome time.”

But getting the material together in the first place was slightly trickier.

Matt says: “We went to Iceland for a mini tour and worked in some studios there, but weren’t 100 per cent happy with what we came out with, so we had a second writing session when we got back and were finally happy with what we had.”

One of the album’s singles is Rollerskate, which the band are currently promoting with a full UK tour at the moment.

Matt says: “The song is kind of open to interpretation, but it’s a story our friend used to tell us about a time he was hit around the head with a rollerskate when he was a child. It’s a youthful story and ‘hit ‘round the head with a rollerskate’ has a nice ring to it.”

“And it is great to be playing live so much. We took a couple of months off to do other things but now we’re back on it again.”

Dry the River play The Leadmill, Sheffield city centre, on Monday.

For tickets, priced £10, visit www.leadmill.co.uk