REVIEW: Usher, Sheffield Arena

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OMG. When it comes to cool there are many different levels within the music industry - and then there’s Usher.

Armed with an evening of hits, awesome dance moves, great voice and impeccable body the Run superstar couldn’t put a foot wrong.

Everything was a notch above your usual show from the minute he burst on the stage at Sheffield Arena and whipped off his silver helmet.

Even his micas weren’t standard, although none topped the golden gun which he aimed at the audience whenever he wasn’t singing.

Yes his top came off - many times to the delight of his many, many female fans - and yes he did plenty of bumping and grinding but nothing can take away from the fact Usher is genuinely one of the most talented artists of his generation.

His moves were always more complicated yet smoother than his dancers and he never missed a note no matter how high.

Usher performed a quick tribute to Michael Jackson, ran though all his old hits and did scorching versions of his most recent hits.

So slick even the Usher version of musical chairs oozed style.

Nancy Fielder