Review: The Wombats, The Leadmill

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GOOD things come to those who wait. And wait. And wait a bit longer.

Four years on from the frantic brilliance of their debut album, the Liver lads are back with a new record that carries huge expectation. But first there’s the matter of this postponed comeback tour…

The synth-infused nature of some of the stuff bound for second album This Modern Glitch is swiftly advertised by opener Our Perfect Disease, the long, long wait instantly forgotten by assembled fans sent into further frenzy by previous hit Kill The Director.

Singer/guitarist Murph apologises for the band’s absence but it seems the trio are rapidly forgiven as chapter two singles Tokyo (Vampire & Wolves) and Jump Into The Fog add as much fuel to the fire as ‘classics’ Moving To New York or Backfire At The Disco.

Canny visuals behind the band crave a larger venue, but it’s the aural antics that matter here as The Wombats remind why they were so revered first time around; scatter-gun guitars, bouncy tunes, smart lyrics and energy to burn.

With Let’s Dance To Joy Division and new single Anti-D for an encore, the band confirmed what we already knew: we’ve missed them. But it’ll soon seem like The Wombats never left us.

David Dunn