Review: Peace in our time at Sheffield Social Club

Peace were a hit at Sheffield's Queens Social Club.
Peace were a hit at Sheffield's Queens Social Club.
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If you thought today’s music lover was more Spotify than screaming gig goer, think again.

At Sheffield’s Queens Social Club, a flock of 20-somethings and late teens scream, yell, leap, jump and screech as Midlands indie psychedelic stars, Peace, hit the stage.

Momentarily, on a micro level, there are whiffs of Beatlemania - the young fans can barely contain themselves as Peace walk on.

The quartet work through a mix of material from their debut, In Love, and current album, Happy People.

Live, the strongest track is Higher than the Sun. Its opening guitar soars and swoons, but the chorus is dull and does not live up to the track’s luscious instrumentation.

And herein lies the problem with Peace; there is an uncomfortable clash between psych swagger and musical sophistication and painting-by-numbers indie.

Thus, the furore in the crowd is not matched on stage. Peace’s sound is fresh and bold in parts, but also stale and underwhelming in others.

Follow Baby is similar: rich introductory guitar parts suggest this will be a track to swim in, but it soon descends into a Stone Roses derivative.

But the crowd think otherwise.

One fan is so excitable he launches himself onto the stage, from where he is promptly dragged off.

Girls are aghast at the band’s cool nonchalance – yelling and grabbing their hair in disbelief.

If Peace’s music does not match its hype, at least the crowd make up for it.