Review: Palma Violets, The Green Room, Sheffield

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It’s no secret Palma Violets have been dubbed exactly what’s needed on the British indie music scene and it’s true they never stop surprising. Unscheduled and unexpected, the London four-piece’s Rattlesnake Rodeo rocked up at The Green Room in Sheffield for a surprise, intimate gig.

Palma Violets’ unique and fresh, yet old-school sound explodes into The Green Room with clean guitars, sporadic rhythms and the scuzzy, distorted vocals of Chilli Jesson and guitarist Sam Fryer as they kick off with Rattlesnake Highway.

You can’t argue that – despite the simplistic lyrical genius of ‘I wanna be your best friend, I don’t want you to be my girl’ – that Palma Violets’ live performance is just a bunch of loud noise – but wonderful loud noise, that is.

There’s an undeniable confidence surrounding the band as they buzz with an intense energy which spreads infectiously, resulting in a chaotic, sweaty, mess of a crowd, jumping endlessly making the floor tremble and shake.

Pace wise, the whole night flies by at a speed you can’t imagine. It’s not long before the performance is coming to an end and you can’t help but wonder whether keyboardist Pete Mayhew and drummer Will Doyle find being tied to their seats to play for the night quite tedious or rather relieving as Jesson clarifies his dislike for the floor and dives into the crowd to finish.

Ellen Offredy