Review: Oblong, The Leadmill

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ONCE upon a time, many years ago, a ‘local bands night’ at a Sheffield venue featured two at-the-time incredibly obscure bands who would later make it very big - The Human League and Def Leppard.

Although this show did not feature quite as big a clash of cultures, there was a variety on offer from five acts.

After a set by solo artist Dan Willamson, ObLONG, the latest venture by a couple of scene veterans feature a small female singer with a big voice and a post-punky sound. It would be too easy to make comments about them not being square...but let’s just say they’re in fairly good shape.

Blue Lip Feel, although nominally indie, are the most metal of this lot, with bluesy riffs and a sound that you could easily headbang to.

In contrast, The Hosts were sharp-dressed men whose music tends to verge on the epic, with a wall-of-sound bringing to mind Scott Walker, Echo And The Bunnymen and more recently Glasvegas.

Headliners The Monicans attracted prominent watchers such as Richard Hawley and punk anthology author Tony Beesley and as if to celebrate the occasion they had expanded their usual three-piece line-up to include some strings, which adds to the moodiness of their deep, often psychedelic sound.

Although it remains to be seen if any of these acts will make it as big as the League or Leppard, they show the local scene is going strong.

John Quinn