REVIEW: Nick Fletcher, Holy Trinity Church

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THERE is, occasionally, something almost primeval about watching one man and an acoustic guitar played live and unamplified.

It’s something else again when someone plays with such purity, instinct and warmth as this Sheffield virtuoso.

Nick’s instrumental gigs in this lovely, tucked away suburban city church have become a regular fixture. And it is quickly easy to understand why.

This smiling and unassuming man teases and plucks sounds from a classical guitar that most of us can only dream of doing; natural dexterity given personal flourishes that make the music his own. Much of it is, in this set, as Nick has become a prolific composer.

He delivers a programme of two halves that range from the opening ambition of Suite Del Recuerdo to the closing Turkish-fuelled Italian Carlo Domeniconi-penned Koyunbaba Suite.

In between are more Latin-influenced originals, such as Village Dance, one of Nick’s more vibrant pieces after the rich moods of Waters Edge, Dark Waters and Show Lands. Nick’s contrasting four-movement Brazilian Suite remains another highlight in this exhibition of world class musicianship, displayed with humility and nimble grace.