REVIEW: Melanic C, O2 Academy2

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MELANIE C is, after all, best known for being a Spice Girl and it’s a label that she’s probably never going to be able to get away from. That said, she’s since released five solo albums.

There’s no doubt that she’s got a loyal fanbase; the room is packed full of people who cheer so loudly when Melanie takes the stage that it almost seems like a wall of sound.

Fanbase aside, Melanie can definitely sing and uses an acoustic version of Reason to really showcase her voice.

Bouncing around on stage, she makes the most of the tiny venue with disarmingly conversational stage banter between songs. The thing that stands out the most is just how down to earth she is, making her surprisingly likeable.

The atmosphere from the audience is electric and between the crowd and Melanie, the energy levels in the room stay incredibly high – while a lot of the songs are, predictably, just this side of generic, the clear enjoyment from all sides manages to lift them out of the cliché-driven rut they would otherwise reside in (sample lyric: ‘what don’t kill you makes you stronger, so why do I feel so weak?’).

Melanie saves her biggest hit for last; the weirdly techno/pop combination of I Turn To You, which seems a little out of place in the otherwise heavily pop-rock fuelled set. No one seems to mind and, judging by the grins on their faces, the crowd are definitely happy.