REVIEW: In Fear Of Olive/ Empty Churches, SOYO

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MONDAY night in Sheffield so for live music it has to be SOYO.

Tonight’s offering includes one of Doncaster’s finest, In Fear Of Olive, whose blues rock/country sound is hard to quantify, but is highly entertaining whatever badge you put on them.

Prior to them local hero Jubby Taylor parades his latest outfit Empty Churches. Best known as vocalist of the excellent Harrisons, since their demise Jubby has fronted some exciting projects including the much lauded but short lived Park Brigade, but it’s great to see him returning to his ‘day job’ as an in your face social commentator. His new outfit also boasts the very talented ex-Harrison Mark White on drums.

The likes of Negative and Apocalypse Blues grab the audience by the throat. Never one for a cheery lyric, Jubby tells it like it is and Charlie McKee’s talking guitar provides a perfect platform; highly melodic indie/blues rock with Gathering Storm closing a very impressive set.

Those who leave after Mr Taylor’s set miss a treat with In Fear Of Olive nearly blowing the roof off. Driven by drummer Arv Teeroovengadum, reminiscent of the wondrous Greeny of Milburn/Dead Son’s fame, he beats the skins to within an inch of their lives. With some top notch vocals from Jake Cope, these guys are a class act.

New single Loves Grown Wild is the highlight and caps off a great night for local music.