REVIEW: Il Divo, Sheffield Arena

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As the large orchestra rumbled, Simon Cowell’s four multinational singers, Sebastien, Carlos, David and Urs made an emphatic entrance from the top of the stairs. They quickly made a positive impact with Come What May from Moulin Rouge followed by Dove L’Amore based on Adagio for strings.

The boys are at their best when they come together. The sound is powerful and uplifting. Spanish smoothie, Carlos Marin has by far the strongest voice. His Baritone is effective during solo intervals. American David Miller is not far behind him. Sebastien Izambard, from France, and Urs Buhler from Switzerland have slightly weaker voices and get caught out a touch when singing alone.

Il Divo keep things interesting by singing in French, English, Spanish and Italian. It was refreshing for example to hear the often- sung Unchained Melody as Senza catene. They ended the first half with Frank Sinatra’s My Way as A mi manera.

This pop/opera cross over group upped the pop content in the second half. Promoting a new album, Wicked Love they performed their version of Chris Isaak’s title track as Melanchonia. There was good banter on stage and with the audience. Marin bemoaned his single status with tongue firmly in his cheek and had the ladies up dancing to La vida sin amore. After classic versions of Roy Orbison, Shakespeare’s Sister and Toni Braxton songs, there was a sumptuous version of Somewhere from West Side Story.

For the storming encore, I couldn’t resist singing to myself, Time to say goodbye (Con Te Partirò). Not quite the Four Tenors, but not far off.