Review: Fans bow down in front of rock superstars Slipknot at Sheffield Arena

Slipknot performing at Sheffield Arena
Slipknot performing at Sheffield Arena
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It was a powerful moment when 13,000 people dropped to the floor before heavy metal superstars Slipknot.

The masked heavy metal act’s gig in Sheffield’s Motorpoint Arena – the opening night of their Prepare for Hell tour – was a dramatic experience from start to finish.

Hearts were racing with anticipation as the crowd waited behind a white curtain while the band prepared to play – and it soon became euphoria.

This was the group’s first UK tour for more than six years but it was worth the wait.

When they began to play the crowd went wild, beginning to jump over and over again.

During Spit it Out, the band ordered the packed crowd to sit down, before the heaving mass leaped up in thrashing unison.

Bursts of fire lit up the stage, drum kits rotated high in the air – there was so much happening that it was difficult to know where to look.

Fans stopped each other from falling over or tumbling into the sweaty moshpit and the atmosphere was friendly until the last.

The set included many favourite hits from Slipknot’s lengthy list of albums, while support act Korn also brought out classics such as Twist and Freak on a Leash.

I wasn’t prepared for how good it was – as a music fan I have been to many gigs but this was by far the best.