REVIEW: Duane Eddy, Leadmill

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SOME things in rock and roll simply can’t be faked.

Buddy Holly’s trademark hiccup, Jerry Lee Lewis’s manic energy, Little Richard’s banshee wail.

You can add to that Duane Eddy’s classic twangy guitar - unmistakable from the very first lick.

Instrumental rock is pretty much a dead concept these days, but tonight’s journey through the Eddy catalogue of hits is a potent reminder of the potential excitement of the genre.

Cannonball, Yep, Shazam, Forty Miles of Bad Road and more bring back memories of those distant pre-Beatle days, with guitar and sax trading lines and interlocking grooves.

There’s material too from comeback album Road Trip, and the best of these tracks are given a mighty boost by a cameo from Eddy’s new mentor Richard Hawley.

Primeval especially sounds like something of a creative rebirth - not bad at the age of 74.

The set climaxes with breakthrough hit Rebel Rouser and the immortal Peter Gunn, surely on a very short list for the best rock instumental of all.

Encores after that seem a bit superfluous but an enthusiastic crowd is not to be denied.

They know a true original when they hear one.