REVIEW: Death In Vegas, Leadmill

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AFTER a seven-year absence Richard Fearless is back on the road with his genre-crossing electronic rock band.

The barely-there stage banter – apart from mumbled introductions at the beginning, there’s really very little else – does nothing to detract from the connection between the audience and DIV. Aside from a slightly nervous start, soon forgotten as the band quickly regain their confidence, it’s difficult to tell DIV ever stopped touring.

The songs débuted from the recently released Trans-Love Energies album receive just as enthusiastic a response as the better known Leather and Girls. Your Loft My Acid in particular soars around the room, creating an other-worldly atmosphere and causes most of the crowd to remain spellbound as Fearless and friends seize their advantage, launching into Silver Time Machine.

The crazy light show is a little too much at times but for the main part provides a dramatic backdrop, silhouetting the band against flashing lights before plunging them almost into darkness. Fearless has always had a potent sense of aesthetic and, with his usual short films nowhere to be seen, the focus remains very strongly on the music.

As always, the songs showcase a wide variety of influences and a constantly changing sound. Ranging effortlessly from live rock to minimal techno, a thread of cohesion is never lost and every song leads into the next. Ultimately, the night has been a triumph.