REVIEW: David Essex, Sheffield City Hall

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Playing to a near capacity audience,Tim Newman opened the proceedings. This bright, fresh-faced newcomer performed a selection of songs,which, by his own admission, “nobody knew”. He gave an excellent performance and had a strong, powerful voice.

Excitement grew as we awaited the star of the show. The hall errupted as he walked on to the stage, dressed in blue jeans, cowboy boots, dark shirt with waistcoat and his customary three-quarter length Crombie coat. He looked every inch the consummate entertainer.

He remains as amazingly handsome as ever – his twinkling blue eyes and cheeky grin have lost nothing over the years – and he was oozing charisma and charm.

His voice too remains as good as ever and his laidback style is smooth as silk.

All of the songs were exactly what the audience was expecting.

It’s difficult to believe that his career spans more than 40 years as a singer, actor and composer.

The enraptured audience were in for a real treat of classic Essex, he strolled around the stage in his trademark relaxed style, only removing his jacket after three or four songs, which, along with the occasional hip tilt or small kick, sent the crowd into total frenzy.

He didn’t even break a sweat, such is his ability to prove that less is more. We were all under his spell as he sang Lamplight, Gonna Make You a Star, Winter’s Tale et al, interspersed with audience banter and a marriage proposal from a fan.

It was over all too quickly but the crowd weren’t letting him go without Hold Me Close. Cue encore, fans rushing to the stage, slight surprise from security.

Of course he would sing it, we knew it, he knew it, we went crazy. Awesome evening, roll on next time.