REVIEW: Dappy, Plug

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FANS are out in force, crowded in and already chanting the foul-mouthed rapper’s name before he takes to the stage.

When he finally bounces out front, the reaction is deafening. Pulling his hood over a trademark hat, Dappy spews some clichés about never letting anyone tell you that you won’t be successful before launching into an expletive-filled rap.

Constant incitements to ‘jump’ follow almost every song, interspersed with requests to “make some noise, innit.”

A Dappy gig seems to be as much about the rapper himself as about his music, and he spends equal time interacting with the audience as he does performing. Not that anyone seems to mind, roaring approval of his shout-out to “sexy ladies” before the intro to Girls is drowned with screams.

After a few shots at The X Factor - “although I love Tulisa, man,” he reminds us - Dappy shares some wise words. “The greatest battles in the world are the ones we have with our own minds,” he says solemnly, precursor to the aptly-named Rockstar. Dappy continues to rattle through rap after rap, the lyrics are echoed back to him by the crowd.

“Put your minds to it, you can do anything, therefore I have no regrets.” More deep thoughts introduce...No Regrets.

After throwing his T-shirt into the crowd, Dappy leaves with surprisingly little fanfare. Nothing earth-shattering, but everyone here had an undoubtedly good time.