REVIEW: cats:for:peru/Algiers, The Harley

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THERE is a distinctly international flavour on Glossop Road tonight.

Two bands and two continents name-checked. But, don’t be fooled, this is 100 per cent Made In Sheffield

And it’s 100 per cent good stuff too.

Two piece Algiers are a math rock riot of fuzzy, stabbing guitars, shattering stained glass shards of half tunes and throwing them all over contorted time signals; a Wire-thin cross of Kubichek! and The Futureheads; and destined surely for bigger things than right here right now.

Headliners cats:for:peru, meanwhile, are a deliriously cheerful house party of a band; a ukulele-toting, boy-girl-boy-girl-boy five-piece who come on like a cut-price-but-capable Arcade Fire. In a good way. Their avant-pop is avant-alright for everyone tonight.

On this evidence, forget South America and North Africa, Sheffield is a fine place to be.