Review: Bowling For Soup, Sheffield O2 Academy

Bowling For Soup performing at the O2 Academy in Sheffield
Bowling For Soup performing at the O2 Academy in Sheffield
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Hitting Sheffield as part of their final tour were BFS, a band you may not think you know, until your hear some of their tracks. With their punked up style and less than pretentious approach they often come across as a not-so-serious band, more a comedy set up.

But this is far from the truth.

Yes they enjoy their time on stage and have as good a time as their audience, yes some of their tracks have more than just their tongues in cheek but the fact of the matter is they can turn in a great performance.

After an energetic support set from Patent Pending the band who look as far removed from rock stars as it’s possible to get opened with Critically Disdained followed by Almost.

After No Hablo Ingles we had two songs that went down well with the packed crowd in Let’s Go To The Pub followed by Hooray For Beer.

Jaret Reddick split the songs with some great banter with the audience and as he told everyone: “If you’ve come to hear 1985 you’re gonna have a two-hour wait” and he wasn’t wrong.

These guys have been together two decades now and have built up a reputation for good gigs.

The band are instantly recognisable with Jaret and the larger than life [in more ways than one] Chris Burney on guitar and spent the next couple of hours working through new material but woven in with songs like Stacy’s Mom, Punk Rock 101, My Wena, Since We Broke Up and High School Never Ends which takes most of us back to those school reunions!

As the set drew towards a close we got some great tracks like The Bitch Song, Girl All The Bad Guys Want and When We Die.

After a short break the guys were back for an encore which included a funny cover of Britney’s Baby One More Time before the classic 1985.

There aren’t too many bands who have a set list that comprises 31 songs, so BFS certainly offer great value for money, and it’s clear the whole band enjoy the gigs as much as the crowds that turn out to see them.

Although it’s the farewell tour it’s not the end of the road for BFS, who gave us more than just a starter – they gave us a three-course meal of rock music.

Maybe....just maybe we’ll see them do a comeback tour before too long?