REVIEW: Audience have Finetime at Cast gig in Doncaster after slow start

John Power, lead singer of Cast, on stage.
John Power, lead singer of Cast, on stage.
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Diamond Live, Doncaster

Britpop quartet Cast are back on the road ahead of a fifth studio album – and arrived in Doncaster for their first show in the town for 12 years.

The Liverpudlians shot to fame in the mid-1990s and it was clear from the average age of the audience that most of the gig-goers at Doncaster’s Diamond Live Lounge were out to enjoy a bit of nostalgia and hear some hits from their teenage years.

However, the show got off to slow start as the band chose to open with three lesser-known tracks – a decision which saw many concert-goers prefer to stand around chatting rather than listen tomusic they did not recognise.

A rousing rendition of breakthrough hit Finetime woke up the room to some extent, but it still took several more tracks to get the venue truly jumping.

That was not the fault of the band’s performance – which was excellent – but more the choice of song order.

However, after a number of other hits, including Live the Dream, Guiding Star and Flying, the crowd really began to appreciate the show Cast were putting on.

Even new tracks were welcomed by the now-appreciative audience, particularly a beautiful rendition of Baby Blue Eyes.

And a rousing encore which finished with Free Me and Alright ensured people walked away with smiles on their faces, despite the ‘boring’ beginning to quote one concert-goer.