Queen’s date for Milburn man

History: Joe Carnall
History: Joe Carnall
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IT MAY have been 2008 since Milburn performed as a band, but the group’s former front man is keeping their music alive.

Milburn – the band that was part of the musical movement that gave rise to the tag, New Yorkshire, have long been gone from the city’s live circuit.

At least, that’s until this week, when one of the band’s co-founders, Joe Carnall, will be gracing the Queen’s Social Club stage on Friday.

Carnall – who’s now training to be a history teacher – will be playing a solo acoustic set of some Milburn songs in addition to songs from Joe Carnall and the Book Club, his current group.

“It’s nice to do the Milburn songs at Christmas. I try and do it sparingly because I don’t want people pestering me to do Milburn songs all the time.”

But while Milburn may have disbanded in 2008, their fan-base is still going strong, according to Carnall.

“There are still loads of people who come to the shows and know all the words. Perhaps it’s an egotistical thing that I do this once a year because it still means I have the power to make a full room go nuts.”

Next year, Carnall and his Book Club bandmates will be retreating to the rehearsal room to write new material for another album.

“We disappeared off the face of the earth for about six months last year. We hit a gigging wall but we are all busy – one of our band mates is a doctor and I’m training to become a history teacher.”

This sensible direction in life does not mean the band isn’t devoted to its music. Rather, the pressure of signing to a major label has been removed.

“If something were to happen, that would be brilliant but we are not putting all our eggs in one basket. I’ve done the full-time musician thing but I love doing what I’m doing – teaching history and having the band as well. I think having the two makes you appreciate it all more.”

Joe Carnall plays at the Queen’s Social Club on Friday.