POLL: Where do you get your music?

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HMV is calling in administrators with the fear of store closures - which raises the question, these days where do you get your music?

That’s our poll for today, writes digital editor Graham Walker.

Do you still mainly get your music from HMV, another High Street shop, or perhaps the supermarket, when you do the weekly shop?

Or have you turned to the internet and, if so, do you mainly still buy CDs or download tracks from the likes of iTunes and Amazon?

Instead, do you use an online streaming service, liked Spotify, which offers a free limited service or paid for subscriptions?

Let us know by taking part in our poll, where we’ve listed various choices in the column on the right.

Please click on the button next to your main source for getting music. Only chose one. Then press the Vote button.

You can follow the changing ongoing results by returning here throughout the day. We will also feature the results in The Star and online.

Get your family and friends to also take part. The more people taking part, the clearer picture we will build up as to where most people now get their music.

If you’re a registered site user you can also leave a comment at the bottom of this story.

Tell us what you think about HMV going into administration, about the changing landscape of shopping on the High Street and buying music.

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So sign up now, take part in this poll and have your say.


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