Plan A must work for Scarlet and Saffron

Scarlet and Saffron
Scarlet and Saffron
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Scarlet and Saffron made a musical exodus last year – from Grimsby to Sheffield.

But while the three-piece may have only travelled 80 miles up the M18, moving to Sheffield has opened up new musical frontiers for the east coast garage rockers, as frontman and guitarist Robert Boswell explains.

“There’s more going on just on our street in Sheffield than there is in the whole of Grimsby. It’s great to be in a city where there’s more of a music scene.”

The move is an expression of the band’s commitment – there are no half measures with Scarlet and Saffron.

“We’re here now. All our eggs are in one basket. There is no plan B so this has to work.”

Scarlet and Saffron are working on material for a live show tonight. “We want to build up our live set and build up a following first, and then focus on recording,” says Boswell.

But their music is simple: “It’s basically three lads in a rehearsal room. We play music without any fuss, there’s no messing about to what we do. We don’t even have any effects pedals.”

The band’s name, however, shows a more romantic aspect to the group.

“When we were living in Grimsby a friend and I went up to the beach with our guitars. We walked to this place that was about a mile away from the beach, found a spot and started jamming. We wrote a couple of songs and that was that.”

But one of those songs stuck in Boswell’s mind. And a year later, to recreate the creative flow, Boswell and his friend returned to that spot, a year later.

“It was pretty much the same day a year later and we were talking about one of those songs and deciding what to call it. And then, out of nowhere, a paper airplane landed near us so we opened it and it said Scarlet and Saffron so we stuck with that for a song name and a band name.”

Scarlet and Saffron play at the Washington, Fitzwilliam Street, tonight.