Passion and energy guaranteed as Welsh rockers aim to turn festival date into a celebration wake

Funeral for a Friend played to a packed and sweaty Corporation.
Funeral for a Friend played to a packed and sweaty Corporation.
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Welsh rockers Funeral for a Friend are looking forward to their Tramlines debut.

The Bridgend quintet – behind hit singles such as Juneau and Escape Artists Never Die – are set to play Corporation on Saturday evening.

And frontman Matt Davies-Kreye – a self-confessed festivals fan – is excited to sample Sheffield’s inner-city music event.

“I am looking forward to it,” he says. “We haven’t been to Sheffield for a while, since about 2009 I think. We’ve always had a good response in the city.”

The band enjoyed early success with the first four singles – Juneau and She Drove Me to Daytime Television in 2003 and 2004’s Escape Artists Never Die and Streetcar all making the top 20.

However, chart single success has been harder to come by in recent years, with their last single to trouble the charts, 2008’s Kicking and Screaming, only reaching 116.

Albums have proved more successful, with last year’s Conduit, the band’s sixth studio album, charting at 34 – still some 31 places behind their biggest hit, third album Tales Don’t Tell Themselves, which reached number three in 2007.

However, Matt accepts it is all part of the music industry.

“We had our moment in the sunshine for Tales Don’t Tell Themselves and that’s gone.

“We just want to enjoy what’s going on.

“We don’t think about that.”

The quintet – Matt, guitarists Kris Coombs-Roberts and Gavin Burrough, bassist Richard Boucher and drummer Pat Lundy – are all festival veterans.

Matt says: “We play a lot of festivals. The sense of community is enormous. You have got major ones and we also play a lot of smaller ones – they tend to be more diverse.

There are punk, hardcore, and indie festivals, extreme sports festivals, where music is a part of it. You end up playing with some great bands.”

And Matt has promised a gig to remember for Tramlines-goers who venture to Corporation on Saturday evening to catch the band.

He says: “You get what you hear on the records. There’s energy and enthusiasm and we want to get the audience involved.

“Anything can happen on the day. We can promise lots of passion and energy.”