No sleep ’til High Wycombe – Guns loaded

Young Guns
Young Guns
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THE songs on the new album by Young Guns are nothing if not well travelled – they were penned over several months everywhere from Thailand to Spain to a shed in the band’s hometown of High Wycombe.

And the record, Bones, takes them back on the road next month with Corporation on their sat nav for February 7.

“To kick off the touring cycle we thought it would be cool to go back to where we started,” says singer Gustav Wood of the Bare Bones Club Tour.

“We ended the first album cycle on a real high, playing venues and stages we’d always dreamed of, but this record is a rebirth for us, and with that in mind we’re heading back for a special one-off tour of the venues we cut our teeth in.

“We’ve written something that I feel happy describing as ‘brave’, and it will challenge a lot of people’s preconceptions about what sort of band we are.

“It’s an ambitious record, and we have the sound to match the ambition.

“When you’re writing an album you need to believe what you’re doing is the most important thing in the world. And this feels like it is. It feels like we’ve achieved something.”

Bones takes the groundswell of support generated by debut album All Our Kings Are Dead – a record that took them from newbies to Leeds Festival main stage act – and throws in contradictory elements of strength and vulnerability, friendship and loss, energetic youth and heavy-hearted experience to illustrate a band keen to do anything but stand still.

Not that the sequel came easily, apparently. After a handful of fruitless writing sessions, the lads spent a night in the studio with a couple of bottles of vodka and by morning had the skeleton of Dearly Departed, a song that became a keystone of Bones.

“Once we wrote that song we knew we could really make a mark with this album,” says Gustav. “When you do something you know is good, that you know stands up... it’s bliss.

“We worked so hard on this album, and there were times when the stress was horrendous. When I finished tracking the vocals for Bones and we stood back and cranked it on the stereo at 4am, listening to what I knew would be a single that would do big things for us, that was overwhelming.

“It sounds stupid but I just want to get out there and make a mark – it keeps me up at night, thinking about how much I want to do.”