No Bad Days leaves Sons smiling

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The rock’n’roll lifestyle has nothing on Sunset Sons.

The indie-poppers combine rock’n’roll with surfing and snowboarding.

Based in the French town of Hossegor, their music is as upbeat as you would expect from four young men entrenched in surf and snow.

The band cut their teeth playing to snowboarders and surfers – depending on the season – and quickly amassed a loyal fan base.

Band member Rob Windram says: “We were playing five to eight gigs a week and quickly fans started wanting to hear original material. We released our Le Surfing EP and then it just exploded.”

Le Surfing was followed by the No Bad Days EP in November, just after the band were signed by Polydor records.

The latter EP gained them fans at Radio One, where they were put on the Introducing and In New Music We Trust playlists.

And now, the band are currently promoting their latest EP, Fall Line with a UK tour.

Rob says: “It’s great to be on the road – we are loving it.

“We just need to develop a means of writing while we’re moving around, but we have already booked a week after the tour just to write new material.”

The band were reasonably strict about writing their first batch of songs.

Rob says: “Once we decided this was what we wanted we would set aside five hours on a Friday to write and we all had to be there. Even if the waves were really good, we would have to write that day.”

The band play The Leadmill on Monday – a gig Rob is particularly excited about.

“I went to university in Sheffield and had an absolutely amazing time,” he says. “I always loved the Leadmill so it will be great to play there.

“I can’t wait. I’ve already put loads of my mates on the guest list. It will be a good show.”

n Sunset Sons play The Leadmill, Sheffield city centre, on Monday.

For tickets, priced £9, visit