New dawn rises for rejuvenated Sleepy Sun

Sleepy Sun
Sleepy Sun
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Not many bands can leap from one musical genre to another, and make a good job of it.

But California-based Sleepy Sun transformed themselves from short-and-sweet garage punksters to hip, psych-rock songsmiths.

Now, Sleepy Sun have accolades coming out of their ears and a diary rammed with tour dates - including a recent support slot with the Arctic Monkeys.

Frontman Bret Constantino says: “It’s all going really well. We wanted to start writing more fulfilling songs that were more challenging and complex. We made changes to the songwriting process changed the name to reflect this change in sound.”

The band is based in San Francisco, which is bursting with musical activity, according to Constantino.

“It’s a great city and there is so much musical diversity, which goes way beyond the psychedelic rock that people associate the San Francisco with.”

Indeed, the band works hard not to be too heavily influenced by their acid-fuelled predecessors.

“You can’t avoid what you hear but I make a conscious effort not to emulate anything that’s gone before.”

And with their strange time signatures, dark videos and layered melodies, there isn’t much danger of Sleepy Sun sounding like anything else. And it’s for this reason, perhaps, that the band’s latest album, Maui Tears, as been critically acclaimed across the board.

Constantino - who writes the band’s lyrics - says that inspiration can come from anywhere.

“You’re like a sponge as a songwriter, you’re soaking up and harnessing everything that’s around you and trying to make sense of it.”

And with fuzz guitar from guitarists Matt Holliman and Evan Reiss, along with Constantino’s vocals, Sleepy Sun make sense of the world in a gloriously rich, trippy, swooning way.

Sleepy Sun play as part of the Detestival festival on April 18.