Never gonna dance again: George Michael concert-goer ejected in Sheffield

Guilty feet: Lisa Everatt was ejected from George Michael's concert.  PICTURE: STUART HASTINGS
Guilty feet: Lisa Everatt was ejected from George Michael's concert. PICTURE: STUART HASTINGS
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GEORGE Michael concert-goer Lisa Everatt was ejected from the star’s show for “causing a nuisance” at Sheffield Motorpoint Arena, venue bosses said today.

Lisa Everatt, aged 38, says she was just dancing, singing and shouting.

She admits she was told three times to sit down in her seat.

But the mental health worker from Intake, who went to the gig with three friends, told The Star: “I had been waiting to see George Michael for nearly a year. I am his number one fan and I got a little over-excited and was dancing.

“I was asked by security to stop but I was enjoying myself and I thought that’s what you did at concerts – dance, sing and enjoy yourself.”

Simon Bailey, Arena marketing manager, said: “We had a customer at the George Michael show who was standing and shouting throughout ballads and causing a nuisance to customers around them.

“It was pointed out to them on several occasions that their actions were not in keeping with the show and the rest of the audience, but they refused to change their behaviour and were asked to leave.”

One concert-goer told The Star: “She was given lots of chances to sit down. There was a cheer when she was thrown out.”

And another added: “It wasn’t that kind of gig.

“There were a lot of ballads and it was more about sitting and enjoying the music – particularly in the first half.

“The woman was really annoying, blocking the view of others sitting behind her and she was the only person in the Arena standing up.

“If she’d listened to security and sat down she would have got to join in the dancing in the second half, which was a lot more lively.”

Lisa, who has been a fan since she was eight, is a member of the singer’s fan club and has seen him perform in Manchester, Birmingham, and Earl’s Court in London.

She said she was devastated to miss the second half and had paid £86 for her ticket.

“I could understand it if I had been causing trouble or being abusive to anyone but all I was doing was singing and dancing.

“During the interval I was asked to step outside into the foyer as security wanted to talk to me, but when I got there they said I’d had my three warnings and threw me out of the Arena.

“I was gutted.

“I wasn’t abusive or drunk, I was just having a good time. I think they need to take a chill pill.”

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