Mamma Mia as Last Vinci aim to do an Italian job and rock Sheffield fans

Last Vinci
Last Vinci
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It will come as no surprise that the Last Vinci is the brainchild of an Italian man.

And this month, Alessandero Vinci brings his Irish-Italiano rock outfit to Sheffield: “We are very excited to be on this tour. We’re a tight band with a great chemistry.”

The Last Vinci’s backing band comprises members of Vinci’s other band, The Satellites, whom Vinci also plays in.

“It is really nice because the band members are all younger than me.

“I am married with three kids and they are all at a very different place in life but that doesn’t matter because we all get on well. I know they respect me and I respect them too.”

Vinci heads the band but the other members help him write songs.

“The band is named after me - I am the eighth child and after me my parents decided that eight was enough. I am the last Vinci.”

Vinci clearly has a knack for being on stage. Before joining The Satellites, he played in a band called NoConventionalSound, which was signed to Warner and even supported Deep Purple on tour.

Vinci describes the Last Vinci’s music as ‘a rock love project’ and will be bringing his ‘rock love’ to the Dove and Rainbow on June 18.