M.O are kick starting the micro 90s renaissance

M.O. Music
M.O. Music
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It must be about 20 years since the music industry saw a decent set of abs on a woman.

In fact, it was 20 years ago this year that Atlanta-based TLC released their hit single Creep, in which the girls flash athletic midriffs clad in baggy trousers.

But if you the thought the empowered, all-female girl group was a thing of the past, think again.

A Sheffield girl - Annie Ashcroft - and her band - M.O. - have kickstarted a micro ’90s renaissance.

M.O are Britain’s latest foray into girl group, self-written hip-hop / R & B. And the group are making huge waves. Already the group have been added to the Radio One playlist and they have thousands of Twitter and Facebook followers. And at the heart of this three piece is Annie Ashcroft, from Sheffield.

Ashcroft and her musical colleagues formed the band two years ago.

“We’re not manufactured. We were all in different groups but would bump into each other at parties and me and Nadine would always speak to Frankie about the music we wanted to make.”

Eventually the girls parted from their former bands and decided to get together.

“We co-write the lyrics,” says Ashcroft. “And we are all very involved in what we do, including our styling.”

Style is central to M.O, as Ashcroft explains.

“We don’t wear heels, we dress in boys’ clothes and we are very inspired by the likes of TLC.”

Forming M.O. gave the girls an opportunity to create the music they wanted to create. “We were all interested in R & B, reggae and inspired by the 90s. We’re all mixed race or Jamaican so there is an element of that in there too.”

Indeed the video to Dance on My Own could well be from 1994 - faded denim, high-waisted jeans and cropped jumpers are aplenty. And the sturdy female message is there: don’t mess with me.

“The song, Dance on My Own, is about having confidence and doing your own thing. We want to write songs that make women feel strong and confident. Everything we produce has that message.”

That is the modus operandi of M.O, aka, Modus Operandi.

M.O’s latest single, Dance on Your Own, is released on August 24.