Lucy is hoping for a Rosy future

Lucy Rose
Lucy Rose
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Singer-songwriter Lucy Parton – better known by her stage name Lucy Rose – is heading to Sheffield to showcase her new album.

The 25-year-old will release her second album later this year, but is currently out on tour showcasing some of the new songs she has written.

“We’re going to play seven or eight new songs,” she says. “We’re a heavy touring band, so it’s great to have some new material to play.

“There are some slower, acoustic songs on the new record, some with me playing the piano for a change, but it’s a more diverse record, so there are some more raucous moments, and more light and shade.”

Lucy is proud of her new songs – after initial disappointment at her label’s reaction to her second album.

“I thought I’d finished it, but my label told me to carry on writing,” says Lucy.

“I was upset, but they were right because I wrote a lot of new songs that were all better than the ones I’d got previously.

“It was totally worth the delay. You push yourself and a different side of you comes out, and now we’re all happy, even if my ego had to accept I was wrong and they were right.”

Lucy Rose plays Plug, Sheffield city centre, tomorrow. For tickets, priced £13, see www.the-plug.com