Listening Post: n Urge Overkill Rock ‘n’ Roll Submarine (UO)

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n Urge Overkill Rock ‘n’ Roll Submarine (UO)

BABIES have been born and formed bands of their own since these Chicago carnage bringers released their last record.

The band centres on original singer-guitarists and dual front men Eddie Roeser and Nash Kato for those familiar crunchy hooks and nasally vocals. If classic album Saturation is the yardstick Effigy and Niteliner provide quality amid several forgettable moments. In the current rock ocean there’s a real danger this could sink without trace.

Barbara Panther Barbara Panther (City Slang)

BORN in Rwanda, raised in Belgium, resident of Berlin... it’s no wonder this miss lacks boundaries in her music.

Unconventional to the point of weird in places, hints of Bjork at her most shambolic conspire with a voice gentle but full of mischief. It’s no surprise house maestro/producer Matthew Herbert counts the Icelandic pop princess and Sheffield’s Roisin Murphy as past clients. Melody battles experimentation. Vivid dark twists rival playful eccentric moments for a wonky aural curiosity.

FM Belfast Don’t Want To Sleep (Morr Music)

WHAT to make of these curious electropop minstrels... first thought Scissor Sisters, but then even they wouldn’t touch some of the cranky sounds in this romp through a musical Toys R Us as only Iceland seems to do.

They dispense shivery, bouncy, elastic melodies with lyrics in better English than many folk on Fargate and rescue their giddy art with darker League-esque moments. Odd but somehow enticing.