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Hal The Time The Hour (Hal Music)

WHAT better than some West Coast harmonies to banish the drizzle outside your window.

Okay, so the Dublin quartet can’t influence weather patterns but some of the sumptious cuteness on this well overdue sequel brings warmth to the ears. It’s wishy washy in places but they also know how to glow.

Maps & Atlases Beware & Be Grateful (Fatcat Records)

FURTHER distance from their early math-rock tag, the Chicago quartet continue to defy definition’ with this sublime, playful yet very musical second album highlighted by Davison’s warm vocals and fluid rhythms that are as self-assured as they are endearing.

Beware is a casually cool, smart, enticing listen.

Ozric Tentacles Paper Monkeys (Madfish)

THOUGHT you’d heard the last of thse dance scamps?

Beginning a UK tour today 25 years after they emerged from the festival scene, OT’s psychedelic, rave grooves and progressive rock blend again for a fairly needless add to their catalogue of hippy aesthetics tied to raver electronica and meaty grooves.