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Alabama Shakes Boys & Girls (Rough Trade)

SOME bands seek to spirit you away.

This lot rumble and caress our ears in timeless fashion.

They tender that difficult to quantify quality that just seems to work, an inimitable vocal within soulful songs that shimmer, yearn, warm and hark back to a simpler time.

All The Young Welcome Home (Warner Bros)

BEWARE a big build up, some say.

These chaps couldn’t avoid it with songs such as recent single The Horizon and fulfil anticipation raised by key support tours with a record rich with emotive vocals, epic indie tunes and a sound that threatens to be rattling arena seats before too long.

The Mars Volta Noctourniquet (Warner Bros)

NEVER ones to understate, Omar and Cedric return in substantial form, but match bombastic leanings with more restrained and emotional textures.

Where the duo have sometimes over-reached during 20 years of art-rock romps, album six feels a little less difficult, while still dodging all the usual formulas.