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IT’S good to see there are so many other obsessive hoarders out there.

DJ historian and music journo Bill Brewster is one of them and he aided vinyl archaeologists as they sought out this huddle of lost remixes from-12 inch vinyls.

This is largely a trainspotting exercise but justified by many worthy reminders of the most creative period in house music, Sheffield getting a look in via Trevor Horn’s natty rehash of ABC’s The Look Of Love.

Fionn Regan 100 Acres Of Sycamore (Heavenly)

IT is five years since the innocence of his budget début earned a Mercury nomination and Regan continues to make music of understated elegance.

Where 2010’s The Shadow Of An Empire gazed out of the window, this is an inward-looking collection from the Irishmen, written in actress Anna Friel’s home in Majorca.

The result is something visual, gentle, with rich lyrical depth beside calculated musical simplicity.

In fact, it’s so damn calming they should play it to nervous pre-op hospital patients.

Joe McElderry Classic (UCJ)

SOME X Factor winners go on to become global stars, plenty vanish to the nearest Aldi. Some even turn to classical music.

And here, two years on from bagging talent telly’s biggest prize, is an example of the latter, who reinvented himself to win another reality show challenge, Popstar To Operastar.

As well as his two winning tracks, the pleasant chap tackles that song from Titanic, Solitaire and more to show he’s no two-trick pony – or at all essential.

Largely forgettable.