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FOUR years on from Traffic & Weather, the band that brought you power-pop gems such as Stacy’s Mum and Radiation Vibe are back with a new album that doesn’t mess with a much-loved formula that has sustained the same line-up for 15 years.

Just their fifth album in that time, Sky exhibits their trademark mix of imaginative observations and natty storytelling on tunes instantly recognisable as flowing from the same Fountain.

Joshua Radin The Rock And The Tide (14th Floor)

LAST seen in these parts as part of Hallam FM’s mixed bag Tramlines main stage line-up, plenty of people should now be acquainted with the dulcet tones of the man who last year broke through with his Simple Times second album.

The Rock is more upbeat and bigger sounding.

Radin has a knack for a radio-smooching tune, not least recent single I Missed You. Greater use of his band during live recording boosts the oft summery feel in place of previous sparse, more intimate efforts.

Crystal Stilts In Love With Oblivion (Fortuna POP!)

BORED with Beyonce, not bothered by Britney?

Enter a sonic solar system in which early Beach Boys, The Damned and something just a little out there orbit in strange harmony. Kronky organs, practice amp guitars, faraway Mysteron voices and a hankering for yesteryear innocence blend for a triumph of dreams over order. The Florida via LA outfit jangle, sparkle, simmer and shimmy to a place not of an era of Twitter-obsessed adults and 20-stone kids.