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Lamb 5 (Strata Music)

SOME acts you don’t realise you’ve missed that much until they come back.

Such was the case with Lou Rhodes and Andy Barlow six years on from their ‘split’ to pursue solo projects, even if their quirky template has been tasted and twisted by plenty of others since their last output.

From beautiful opener Another Language, this is trademark Lamb, Lou’s delicate, emotive, odd vocals weaving between elasticated rhythms, taking tangents that are both rustic and creepy, rugged, sultry, or elegant and understated.

Out a few weeks but well worth a reminder, and the wait.

Omar Sing – If You Want It (Tru Thoughts)

IT would be cruel to simply say it’s not what but who you know but it has to said the input of Stevie Wonder, Common and Angie Stone raised the game of this Brit soul chappie.

Once regarded by some as a poor relation to the US invaders, measured six years on against the tide of factory-turned RnB hosing our airwaves this is not just Omar’s career best but simply an amazingly slinky, downright horny record that didn’t soar as it should have because of a label collapse.

Canterbury never sounded quite so cool, yet hot.

Gerry Rafferty City To City (EMI)

STICKING with re-issues, it’s 33 years since the man who put the cool into Tarrantino’s genre-busting Reservoir Dogs became a global star with Baker Street.

This week the second solo album from the disenfranchised Stealers Wheel singer is out in remastered form with a second eight-track CD of demos, including the song ironically fuelled by Rafferty’s disillusionment with the music biz that led the original album’s 5.5m-selling charge.

Rafferty’s inimitable voice endures amid the clean treatment of some largely timeless late 1970s music.