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AWOLnation Megalithic Symphony (Red Bull Records)

NOW and again we get an album that’s as hard to pin down as a squid on a merry-go-round.

Such is this debut from US maverick Aaron Bruno who found like-minded touring souls in MGMT and Weezer but launches a thousand other indie-synth colours in his eclectic oeuvre.

MS rocks without being rock, grooves without being dance, and gets quirky without being too weird.

It’s an exotic buffet where you’re not quite sure what you are eating but know it’s tasty and possibly addictive.

One of the more original, slinky and engaging albums to cross these ears in a while.

Tedeschi Trucks Revelator (Sony Music)

IT has been said it’s not always healthy to work with the missus – what do you talk about over dinner etc.

That said, hubby and wife team Derek Trucks and Susan Tedeschi are here part of an 11-piece ensemble tendering a varied fix of blues-dipped rockers and sturdy ballads that showcase her smoky vocals and his distinctive slide guitar.

The pair have surrounded themselves with top draw talent who also have Memphis soul, ’60s rock, ’70s funk and Delta blues running through their veins.

Taking Back Sunday Taking Back Sunday (Warner)

UNABLE to think of a suitable title for their fifth album it seems TBS may have poured all their creative energies into the record that saw the line-up of their 2002 debut restored.

Having finished with Straylight Run, two originals returned to spark the likes of El Paso, a taster that promised raw garage tactics honed at a Texas pecan ranch among other places.

Although TBS have mastered worthy rock distractions down the years the likes of Faith recapatures the tenacious smart edge that pushed Tell All Your Friends into a melodic million-selling scenario.

See them at Leeds festival.