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Kaiser Chiefs The Future Is Medieval (B-Unique)

THE Leeds lads are back with a fourth album born in unconventional circumstances.

After posting 20 snippets of songs online the Chiefs allowed those who’ll buy the record to pick what they wanted on there. The CD version grabs 13 of those to tender a record that largely dwells in the broodier, less air-punching anthem aspect of a band that bagged three Brits in its heyday. Lead single Little Shocks sets the agenda for a record which tenders some typically smart moments and a few hummers.

Dave Stewart The Blackbird Diaries (Proper)

IT’S hard to think of this as the same chap who put the music behind Annie Lennox in The Eurythmics.

Then again, prior to that they operated as punk pop outfit The Tourists so we shouldn’t be surprised at his off-piste Americana leanings on his latest album.

TBD is the sound of a music industry mogul letting off steam with the aid of guests such as Stevie Nicks, whose new album he’s been intergral to, and a Bob Dylan co-write.

Stewart’s charisma shines through this fun but occasionally flimsy country, blues and rock walkabout.

Foster The People Torches (StarTime Intl)

THERE’S something to be said for living in a place with regular sunshine.

This LA band seem to have captured some of the energy of their hometown to turn in a joyful one album festival of innovation. Hypnotic synths, intoxicating melodies, choruses that get your head in a slippery headlock and kiss your lugholes...

In the likes of Pumped Up Kicks, they’ve given us possibly the ultimate soundtrack to summer. We defy you not to feel happy.