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Pearl Jam Live on Ten Legs (Island)

WHEN you hear Eddie Vedder yelling his chin off to Worldwide Suicide or the audience screaming back the lyrics to Animal you know this band continue to mean something 20 years on. Anyone who has been to a Pearl Jam show will confirm it is a thing of vitality and loyalty – and Ten Legs captures that spirit from 2003-10 tours. An 18-track journey takes us from the early days of Jeremy and Alive to re-affirming single The Fixer on a record that wears you out just listening to it. Cock an ear to I Am Mine or Rearview Mirror and tell us Pearl Jam haven't had an impact on rock these past two decades.

dweeb) Feels Like Dynamite (f! Records)POSSIBLY the first truly annoying record of the year - or the most inventive. Imagine the B-52s without the kooky US charisma and a voice that either grates or excites, then add guitars. The Coventry quartet redeem themselves after a fairly irritating opening brace with the buzzy Silence Is Golden. They possess hooks and bouncy choruses aplenty and deliver them well but every now and again the arrangements try too hard to be quirky and clever without really teeing up the musical money shots strongly enough. (dweeb) have bright ideas that could have glowed in the right hands. And they also have intelligence, ambition and confidence.

Rebekka Karijord The Noble Art of Letting Go (Lillfacit Records)

YOU may have heard this miss and not realised – since this album was released in Scandinavia in late 2009 sound clips have popped up on various commercials, films and BBC TV series. Since adapted as the soundtrack for a show named after key track Wear It Like A Clown, it has finally got a UK release. These days sharing a Stockholm studio with the better known Ane Brun, Rebekka weaves original, intricate and inspiring piano-led pieces around a voice both powerful and delicate, vulnerable yet assured.

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