Limehouse Lizzy, Birdwell Venue

Limehouse Lizzy
Limehouse Lizzy
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The boys are back in town again! Thin Lizzy tribute act Limehouse Lizzy are officially one of the hardest-working bands in the UK.

They were accredited for their live shows by the Performing Rights Society last year and received their certificate from PRS chairman Guy Fletcher.

Renowned for a pyrothechnic-fuelled explosion of a show, Limehouse Lizzy continue to keep the spirit of Celtic rock icon Philip Lynott and his band Thin Lizzy alive and well on stages worldwide.

This year they have played in several countries including Greece and Barbados, where they performed at the Virgin Atlantic Music festival.

The band have also added a tribute into their show to ex-Thin Lizzy guitarist and solo act Gary Moore, who died last year.

The Into the Limelight tour was set up to tie in with the band’s appearance on an episode of BBC2’s Arena documentary series of the same name.

Expect more of the Celtic-influenced tracks like Whisky in the Jar and Black Rose among the usual razzmatazz and classic tracks like The Boys are Back in Town and Sarah.

Limehouse Lizzy play the Birdwell Venue, Sheffield Road, Birdwell, Barnsley on Saturday night.

Box office: 01226 742377 or tickets are available online at Limehouse Lizzy