Lights on as Lanterns try to woo any poisoned romantics

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Hungarian Lanterns are the latest venture by Anthony J Brown, perhaps better known for his incredibly languid and very funny stand-up comedy act.

However music is his first love and it will be his last, and now he has teamed up with mandolinist Elliot J Huntley to provide a set of acoustic numbers, which they say are ‘perfect for the palates of any poisoned romantics. Or just those who appreciate the odd toe-tapping tune with twisted refrains.’

They are part of the line-up at West Street Live this Sunday, a night headlined by Chris Murphy And Boxer Genius and also featuring Decibels In Bloom and Ian Bramall. You can find out what the Lanterns are like beforehand by putting their name and the track name Drive By into youtube, where you can see why Mr Brown has been compared to and influenced by both Morrissey and Leonard Cohen, who gave the band their title. Not personally obviously, but it is in a lyric from one of his songs.

Anthony, not Leonard - will also be singing The Smiths’ words in a month’s time, when they star at an event entitled Mozzerfest, to be held on the still-controversial frontman’s birthday – May 22 . All bands appearing will be doing a set consisting of at least three Smiths/Morrissey songs, except for the Lanterns who will be doing an entire set of the Mancunian marvels’ numbers.

Hungarian Lanterns play at West Street Live this Sunday.