Levellers stick to one way of life

The levellers
The levellers
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Much has happened since 1988. Margaret Thatcher was in power, then later Tony Blair promised that ‘things can only get better’ and now David Cameron is leading the first coalition government since World War II.

Yet, throughout all this, one band has remained constant – the Levellers.

Throughout their twenty-odd year career, the band has always towed a strong, left-wing political line. And it’s a line that can also be heard intheir latest EP, the The Recruitment Sergeant.

Guitarist Mark Chadwick said: “The record’s not inspired by a particular event but it looks at the impact of war on people’s lives. It’s about a man for whom being a recruiting sergeant is the only option.”

Chadwick would know about the subject – his father was in the military. I was born and bred in the military and it was expected that I would follow my father’s footsteps and enter the services or the police but I ended up in a band.”

But this didn’t disappoint his father. “He was really supportive about it.”

The Levellers have always been known for their political songs yet, post Margaret Thatcher, according to Mark’s observations, there’s been little difference between the political parties.

“Nothing’s really changed. The social problems remain the same, the environmental issues are the same and the gap between the rich and poor is still huge.”

But the undercurrent of topical observations does not mean their music is sacrificed. “Most of all we are there to entertain people, that’s what we do.”

The band are at the Under the Big Top festival in Graves Park tomorrow.