Katy Perry saddles up for Sheffield show

Katy Perry plays Sheffield's Fly DSA Arena on Tuesday, June 19.
Katy Perry plays Sheffield's Fly DSA Arena on Tuesday, June 19.
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If the female cyclist in a hat and sunglasses looks familiar, it could be someone more famous than you think.

And keep an eye out as she may be bearing gifts...

US singing star Katy Perry admits she likes nothing more than saddling up and exploring the cities where she is performing – and she brings her Witness tour to Sheffield’s Fly DSA Arena on Tuesday, June 19.

The 33-year-old Californian says: “I definitely take in the cities; we always bring bikes on tour and cycle all around to find the best parks.

“In the UK, there are some beautiful old historic parks. I’m so into history and so into culture – I dive right into that stuff.

“Sometimes when we go bike riding the day before or the morning of a show, we take some tickets and stop along the way in coffee shops and places and give them away, secretly – but I wear a hat and sunglasses so you don’t really know that it’s me.

“I’ve got an incredible traveling circus that I like to make incredible memories with.

“I routed the tour so I can really enjoy myself along the way and have experiences and make memories, so that when I do go to a city, maybe I’ve had an incredible experience there, and I then have more to say on stage.

“ I think it’s so impersonal that when you get on that stage the only thing you can say is ‘Hello Liverpool’.

“I mean, what about Liverpool? I should know exactly what Liverpool is like, what’s the coolest pubs, where the best fish’n’chips are, I like to go out and find out that stuff.

“I’m an adventure junkie when I’m on tour. The tour really is just a road trip in disguise.”

The tour is named after her latest album, which follows 2001’s Katy Hudson – her real name – One of the Boys in 2008, 2010’s Teenage Dreams and 2013’s Prism, each reflecting a personal journey, a time and place of where Katy was in her life with a different vision and tone.

And it marks Katy’s first major tour since the Prismatic World Tour four years ago, but she has barely stopped since her debut single I Kissed a Girl topped the charts worldwide in 2008.

Subsequent UK hit singles include If We Ever Meet Again, Hot n Cold, Teenage Dream, Firework, ET, Last Friday Night (TGIF), Wide Awake, Dark Horse and Chaines to the Rhythm, as well as number ones Califurnia Gurls, Part of Me and Roar.

Katy says: “I remember every part of it by outfits.

“It’s been quite a colourful few years with a lot of hard work, with a lot of excitement, a lot of purpose, perspective-opening and a lot of fun really.

“If it wasn’t fun, I don’t think I would be running this fast still.”

Katy plays Sheffield’s FlyDSA Arena tonight - see flydsaarena.co.uk