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Katie Melua
Katie Melua
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SHE may be on her way four months later than planned but Katie Melua will land in Sheffield in much better shape than she was last autumn. After an unstoppable career that has made her one of the UK’s biggest-selling female artists, the head-turning songstress found herself running out of steam.

With latest album The House reaching new ears, Ukranian-born Katie’s exciting new phase ground to a halt when exhaustion forced her to pull her European tour.

“After eight years of doing this non stop it finally caught up with me and I reached breaking point,” recalls the 26-year-old. “It just suddenly came on during a gig in Denmark - I realised I physically couldn’t go on stage.

“So I called the doctors to find out what was going on. My doctor told me I had to stop for a while: ‘You just need to take it a lot easier’.”

Hence her rescheduled UK tour now begins at Sheffield City Hall on April 22.

“I had a big old break from September until Christmas, long enough to recover and to look after myself and to reconnect with my family.

“Now I’m fit and healthy and ready to do it. I can’t wait. I was so frustrated when I had to postpone the tour and now I’m looking forward to coming up there.

“Just because of what happened it doesn’t mean the show has to compromise in any way.”