Justin Bieber fan ejected - for throwing teddy bear on stage

Heartbroken: Bridie Moulds at her Treeton home.
Heartbroken: Bridie Moulds at her Treeton home.
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A TEENAGE pop fan was left broken-hearted when she was ejected from a Justin Bieber concert - for throwing a fluffy teddy bear onto the stage, writes Ben Spencer.

Burly security guards bustled 13-year-old Bridie Moulds out of Sheffield Arena just five minutes into her idol’s performance.

They went into action after the Canadian singer’s own security team claimed a missile had been hurled at the 17-year-old singer and hit him on the leg.

Today heartbroken Bridie told The Star: “Justin always said he wanted to make his fans happy, but maybe he just said that to look good.”

The Aston Comprehensive pupil saved up her Christmas money for the £35 concert ticket and her mum, Michelle, 44, queued for four hours from 6.30am the day the tickets went on sale to make sure she got the best seats.

The teenager, from Cannonthorpe Rise, Treeton, Rotherham, said: “I bought a teddy bear from Meadowhall and me and my friend made a T-shirt for it saying ‘Bridie and Sasha love you’.

“We put a letter inside the bear saying what big fans we were, and pictures of the two of us wearing Justin Bieber T-shirts.”

But, when Bridie threw the fluffy toy onto the stage, the bodyguards pounced.

One fan told The Star: “The bear hit Justin’s leg when he was in the middle of one of his dance routines and it put him off his stride for a second.

“His security people at the front of the stage immediately pointed out the girl who’d thrown it to the security guards nearest to her.”

She added: “When Justin next came over to that side of the stage he kicked the bear out of the way.”

Bridie’s dad, electrician Chris, 49, said: “Bridie phoned us in tears to say she had been thrown out of the concert.

“She had been so excited, she was talking about it for months. She obviously had a teenage crush. We are disgusted really.

“The Arena later phoned to offer her a signed picture of Justin Bieber but there was no mention of a refund, which would have been the very least they could have done.”

Bridie added: “I’m still going to be a big fan of Justin Bieber but I was really upset. I have been a fan since his very first videos came out.

“I was preparing for the concert for ages but I only got to hear two songs.”

A spokesman for Sheffield Arena apologised - and admitted the security response had been ‘disproportionate to the incident’.

He said: “Justin Bieber’s tour security contacted the Arena security to say they had identified a member of the audience who had thrown a missile onto the stage and that this person was to be ejected from the show.”

He said staff had offered to re-seat Bridie ‘away from the stage area’ and added: “Should the parents wish to contact the venue we would be happy to refund the ticket money.”