Jarrod’s Use and Ornament attic

Filling the gaps: I Monster's Jarrod Gosling.
Filling the gaps: I Monster's Jarrod Gosling.
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IF THERE’S a man for whom the phrase ‘one man band’ was invented, then it’s Jarrod Gosling.

Tucked away in his Hillsborough attic studio, the musician, composer, artist, songwriter and one half of I Monster, has been penning his latest side-act album - Regal Worm’s Use and Ornament.

The album - a lush progressive journey of brass, guitar, drums, glockenspiel, melotron, keyboard and bass - was, for the most part, composed and performed by Gosling himself, with the exception of brass sections from Michael Ward.

And while the prospect of writing a heavily textured instrumental album from scratch on one’s own is daunting, Gosling takes it in his stride.

“You just start with something and then build it up. Before you know it’s just like filling the gaps. You can’t approach it by thinking ‘I’ve got an album to do’ because that would be too daunting. You just have get stuck in. It’s the same principal as working on I Monster stuff,” he says.

In fact, it’s the I Monster work over the past 20 years that has enabled Gosling to create Use and Ornament from scratch in his studio.

“I couldn’t have done this 10 years ago but the technology now and the experience with I Monster means I can do it.”

The album is split up into eight tracks, each with sub-tracks that form an overall medley. Track seven - The Aunt Turns Into An Ant - is subdivided into ten sub-tracks, whose titles include Beset by Centipedes - The Well-Timed Rescue, Six Feet and Under the Table - Approaching Terror and My Name is Silvius.

It is almost Monty Pythonesque in its absurdness. But then, according to Gosling - a progressive rock aficionado - Monty Python does fall into the ‘prog’ category.

“What makes a track ‘progressive’ is interesting. You could say that Sergeant Pepper is ‘progressive’ music and then there’s a compilation album called Wowie Zowie: The World of Progressive Music and they have David Bowie and even Cat Stevens on there. To me, progressive music is a willingness to move away from the three and a half-minute pop song,” says Gosling.

Use and Ornament will be released in the near future on the progressive music label Esoteric, though Gosling has already written his second album, Pig Views. “I call my attic studio Pig View because I can see the Wednesday ground through the Velux blinds in my attic studio.”

And already, on the back of his dealings with Esoteric, he’s been asked to work with another progressive act, Henry Fool.

“I produced a few tracks and then they asked me to add a few bits here and there so I added some keys and added a bit of melotron.

The album features Roxy Music guitarist Paul Manzanera.

“I’m really pleased about working on the album. It’s all come on the back of Regal Worm too, which is brilliant.”

Regal Worm’s Use and Ornament is released soon. Watch this space.