I Am Kloot ready to let it all out on their latest tour

Manchester band I Am Kloot
Manchester band I Am Kloot
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IT’S been three years since Manchester’s I Am Kloot released an album. But now, thirteen years since the indie threesome formed the band, I Am Kloot are touring on the back of their latest release, Let It All In.

Bassist Peter Jobson says: “We’ve had a bit of a hiatus. The first LP we did went really well, we recorded it at Studio Studio in Rochdale with Guy Garvey from Elbow.”

That was Natural History, and it was released through dance label Wall of Sound. But as the music industry started to tremor in the 2000s the band started to become more independent.

But it was worth it. Their last album, The Sky at Night, was nominated for a Mercury Prize.

“We always had a really god fan base but being nominated for a Mercury led to a lot more people following us.” The Sky at Night was released in 2010. Since then they’ve built on the critical acclaim and success of the Sky at Night.

“It’s been 13 years since we formed and I feel it’s going better than ever for us now. We’ve done it all in reverse. I’ve seen so many bands do really well with their first LP and them it gets really hard for them.”

Let It All is, in many ways, a philosophical album, taking on themes of life, death and love. The video for the single track, Some Better Day, shows a man turn up at his own funeral.

“It’s a melancholy song about the relief of death and the endless sleep and relaxation that comes with it. The man who turns up at his own funeral and looking down realises that it’s not such a bad thing.”

But the song’s not particularly sombre, nor is it upbeat. In fact, much like the band itself, it’s hard to categorise it at all.“That’s why we called ourselves I Am Kloot. We wanted a name that wasn’t a commitment to anything in particular. We wanted to do loads of different things and we’ve always drawn from a big pool of music styles.”

I Am Kloot play at the Leadmill, Leadmill Road, this Saturday.