From the cradle to the Crave

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ASKED what their show at Sheffield’s Corporation will provide on Monday melodic rockers The Crave have just three words: ‘tinnitus’ and ‘neck ache’.

With their debut album Breaking The Silence ready to roll, the Brighton bunch are keen to put the south coast city back on the rock map.

In recent times they’ve done that opening for Deep Purple and Status Quo.

“Playing live is where this band really come alive,” say the quartet. “We try our best to give everything we’ve got whether it’s playing to 50 people or to 5,000.

“Getting up on stage with your mates and playing music to people who want to hear it is one of the greatest feelings you can experience as a human being. You learn a lot when you’re out on the road.”

And that includes dodging the punches, such as one night in the north east. “We had driven over 300 miles for the show and when it was our turn to hit the stage a huge fight broke out John Wayne style and chairs were being flung across the room.

“The police then turned up arresting everyone as we were playing. The PA got turned off, but as we had driven so far we thought ‘we’re going to just carry on’. So we played the rest of our set to the remaining bandits and police, didn’t get paid and had to sleep in our van on a Friday night on a street in Sunderland. It was an experience to say the least. We haven’t been back since.”

Fans of Skunk Anansie, AC/DC, Tom Petty and Foo Fighters, one band The Crave won’t be touring with any time soon is The Drums. “I was actually offended by their ‘music’. They sound like a bunch of seals being clubbed.”