Five-piece set to Blossom at Sheffield gig

Blossoms play The Leadmill, Sheffield, on Thursday, October 8.
Blossoms play The Leadmill, Sheffield, on Thursday, October 8.
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When asked to describe his band, all Stockport singer Tom Ogden can come up with is “it’s just pop, with a bit of something else”.

However, that “bit of something else” is seeing Blossoms rise to the top of their game at the minute, with a record deal to Virgin EMI under their belt,

Tom says “It’s great to have that sort of backing now, but we can’t afford to stop – if you do there will be another band which will overtake you.”

The band, who met through mutual friends, after they were left unsatisfied in their previous bands were quite often linked with the 60s psychedelic genre when they formed….

“Maybe we didn’t help ourselves by living in black turtle necks all the time,” laughs Tom, “but I think we’ve changed now – it’s more about the catchy guitar riffs.”

Their previous bands were all slightly different and Tom says: “I don’t think they’ve influenced us musically that much, But I know it has helped me with my song writing, I’ve done it for six years now – it’s all about honing your craft.”

After forming in 2013, Blossoms have not stopped rehearsing, recording, writing and performing.

Tom, one fifth of the band alongside bassist Charlie Salt, guitarist Josh Dewhurst, drummer Joe Donovan and keyboard player Myles Kellock, says: ”You have to have people around you in your band that are 100 per cent focused and want it as much as you. It’s great to have that now.”

Currently hidden away working on their debut album at Liverpool’s famous Parr Street Studios, Blossoms have previously stated that they do not want to put their album out until they are satisfied they have enough fans to put it out too.

“We’ve got plenty of ideas for it and it’s coming together nicely,” says Tom. “ you can expect it early next year- we don’t want to wait too long.”

After a busy summer, Tom says they are all ready to get back on the road with a small tour, including a date in Sheffield.

And after numerous visits to Sheffield in the past, including performances at The Harley and Plug, earlier this year, Blossoms return to the Steel City t play the prestigious Leadmill.

Tom says: “After all these festivals you forget what it’s like to play your own gigs. Festivals are all right, but it’s such a buzz playing to a crowd you know are there to see you.

“It’s an honour to play The Leadmill, plus Sheffields always a great crowd.”

Blossoms play The Leadmill, Leadmill Road, Sheffield city centre, on Thursday, October 8. Doors open at 7.30pm and support comes from Fronteers and Cupids. For tickets, priced £7, visit