First solo album lands from Doves pilgrim

Jimi Goodwin
Jimi Goodwin
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After more than two decades in bands, Jimi Goodwin’s going it alone.

Odludek is a Polish word, meaning loner, pilgrim, traveller or hermit.

Given Goodwin’s career path so far, always being part of a band, it’s the perfect name for the album in which he finally goes it alone.

But Odludek isn’t a million miles away from Doves’ past work. Didsbury Girl, for example, would’ve been right at home on their third album Some Cities. Once Goodwin explains the song, however, that makes complete sense.

“Didsbury Girl is the oldest track on the record, I first demoed that for Doves in 2004,” he says. “It didn’t make the cut and I forgot about it, but when I started making Odludek I went back to it and it’s still good, it still moves me.”

He says he follows Leonard Cohen’s oft-repeated line about how a song can take years and years to fully reveal itself to its author, and that a songwriter must be patient and wait for that to happen naturally.

“If Leonard Cohen says that, it’s good enough for me,” says the 43-year-old.

“And it feels even better to finally get a song away after such a long time.”